How to Resign Like a Boss – World’s Funniest Up Yours Videos

I quit!

Burnt out employees have various reasons for leaving their careers. Most send in a resignation letter and serve their two-week notice.  Others unleash their wit like a Jedi master. We at Sytel Careers love humor and simply had to compile the best rib ticklers.

#1 In an epic video uploaded to YouTube, Shifrin busts a move to Kanye West’s “Gone” while alone in her office at 4:30 a.m in the morning. As she sashays the tune, her reasons for stepping down appear upon the base of the the video.

“I ‘ve set my whole life into this occupation, but my manager just cares about amount, how quick we compose and how many views each video gets,” she wrote in the video description. “I consider it is more crucial that you concentrate on the purity of the content. When you learn to enhance this, the views will come.”

Whether this video is any indicator, we are favorable Shifrin’s imagination will serve her well in succeeding endeavors

#2:  During lunch break, he brought a stereo playing an epic Star Wars theme, stood on top of a seat, and revealed the words “I QUIT” written on his torso. The force was with him today.

# 3: Joey DeFrancesco had been working for Renaissance Providence resort for three years and he’s had enough. Instead of simply sending a routine resignation letter, he chose to bring his homies to the resort to make his resignation splashier than a theme park.

# 4: This coffee shop worker needed a flamboyant Up Yours performance that had him hiring five vocalists who sang possibly the greatest “resignation tune” of all time. See the video and see for yourself.

I resign!