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Marketing during the coronavirus is being viewed as unethical. No one wants to be sold to right now. The coronavirus has created fear and panic regarding our health and livelihoods, and it’s the last time to ask something of your clients.

Unless you can help them.

Most of us became entrepreneurs and business owners to serve a community. So serve! Here’s the thing – If you have a product that can help your clients during the coronavirus and beyond it is your responsibility to market it. Again – it is your responsibility! At the same time, you have to do it in an integral way, so approach your marketing mindfully and remember you are one of the good ones. Marketing during the coronavirus is the only way we can get out there and care for our community who needs us. If you can help people improve their situation and you have something that is of better service than your competitors, it is your responsibility to make it known.

Market sincerely 

  • Many of my colleagues and I have been brainstorming and exchanging ideas in the hope that we can cast a larger net to help others during this dilemma. In chatting with Darren Virassammy, of 34 Strong, he reminded me of the importance of being of service while keeping a human face. It’s important to let your clients know you are in the same boat, but can provide a service them at the same time. Less sales, more empathy. Because no one wants to be sold to, instead, make an offer to help. Know that some of the clients may not be able to use your offering now, but when this crisis is over they will remember that you were the business that reached out to them during a global crisis.

Survey your clients to determine new needs

  • The service you normally provide may not be what your clients need now that businesses have been thrown a major curve ball. Marketing the same product during coronavirus may not be relevant, and you will have to change your marketing strategy, and offering, to fit the current times. Tracy Jepson, of TLJ Bookkeeping and Consulting, agrees. Tracy says it’s more imperative now than ever to market what products you have to help others in their time of extreme need. At the same time, you may have to pivot your services to fit your clients’ changing dynamics, and help them pivot their services as well.

Market your knowledge

  • While not everyone is buying, everyone is listening. Pitch your knowledge! Market your services to get exposure and serve your community online. Over the last weeks we have seen an influx of online training from accountants, fitness instructors, mechanics, cooks – you name it. Providing these services are a wonderful way to get out there and gain exposure for future business.

The marketing decisions you make now determine the health of your business later. It’s imperative to keep our businesses intact, and one way to do that is to serve your community and help them succeed during this uncertain time. Your business will be better positioned for when this crisis is over.

You may be afraid of marketing during the coronavirus, but this is not the time to step down. It is your time to step up and serve your community!

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