How to Get Hired at Google

Ever visited Google HQ? You’re in for a shock.

Spend a day at Googleplex and it would appear the real objective at Google isn’t to fine tune search engine results nor to increase corporate revenue, but to produce a godly race of pampered employees. Flash your google badge, and you get free food, free haircuts, free cycles, free vehicles as well as free alcohol and wine on Fridays. (Which sounds suspiciously like a breeding program.) No wonder Google is rated the best organization in America to work in.

Want to get in? It’sn’t easy. The stringency of Google’s job interviews is renowned too. Fortunately, top Google employee Laszlo Bock outlined the five characteristics they search for. Got a pending interview?  Ponder  these five issues and take a crack at the world’s best company.


how to get in Google

Have you got an IQ greater than 150?
At Google, geniuses aren’t welcome. If asked at panel, the worst possible retort is to say  “Yes, I’m a genius.” Google demands “intellectual humility”, without which Google HR asserts people cannot progress learning. Those individuals who have been intelligent almost all their lives generally make “the essential attribution problem”, that is: if anything good happens, it is because I am a godly genius master. If anything terrible happens, it is because somebody is an idiot. Getting IQ tests and bragging high figures indicates precisely the wrong mixture of self-aggrandisement and uncertainty.

Get hired at google

I don’t have plans for the evening.
When the interviewer asks, “Got any specific plans for lunch?” Do not say “Anything goes” or “I am simple. Let’s do what you want” or “What’s good?” or some of that garbage. Google hates the indecisive and unopinionated. State your desires and stand by it. This is the type of “emergent management” that Google needs: the determination to take charge when needed.

google hiring
Why’d you read the last five books on your shelf?
Blank stare? Cat got your tongue? That would kill your chances. Google’s top criterion for a superior employee is  a kind of intelligence dubbed “cognitive capability”. This is the power “to chunk down information in real time” and  to draw together disparate items of information.”The surest way to be shown the door is to falter at a left field question.

Google hires lazy people

Are you an an unskilled and indolent monkey?
You’re both? Smashingly good! Google wants to employ individuals who own the company’s mandates but have enough “humility” to complete just the things they usefully can. If you are incompetent, thus, you are just likely to wreck the endeavor. In this case, Google prefers you exercise laziness over projects you know lay beyond your ken.

Solve problems creatively

Have you got a history of doing anything very well?
If so, that is clearly a problem. When confronted with an issue, the unbeaten specialist will assert: “I faced this dozens of times before- you guys better do what I did.'”

A clever novice will often also resolve the issue albeit some intermittent failure, but discover out of the box approaches to hitting resolution.  It’s clever thinking Google wants, not rote responses to quandaries.

Are you still aiming for Google?

Google hires the best employees and rewards talent accordingly. Now beyond the personal qualities described in this article, Google is known to throw batteries of reasonable tests that the average person can solve, but fail to because of overthinking the issue. Take note of this and ask yourself “what would an 8 year old do?” This had saved many a current google employee.

Now before you go for that Google Interview, let the happy headhunters at Sytel LLC provide you with a machine gun to the knife-fight.

1. First, watch this full training video offered by current Google employees. In it they cover the tests and exams you’ll be facing.

2. Next, answer the Google queries on the following infographic. These are real questions asked in the actual interview.

Are you smart enough for google?